Our primary focus is always on achieving high product quality at the lowest cost. Simultaneously we believe it is important to understand our business footprint in the local communities where we maintain production/distribution facilities to ensure we are minimizing our impact on the natural and energy resources of those communities. We set an objective for our manufacturing plants to reduce our consumption rates per gallon juice by 1% year over year.

The Lassonde Pappas Product Sustainability Program is built on four major cornerstones:

  • Reduction of Fuel and Power
  • Reduction of Packaging Materials
  • Reduce Water Consumption and Waste
  • Becoming an Efficient Recycling Partner.

On a monthly basis we measure ourselves on a stringent set of performance metrics to ensure we reach our goals:

  1. Kwh/Gallon of Juice: Electricity utilization
  2. MMBTU/Gallon of Juice: Thermal units utilized in our hot fill processes
  3. Water Usage/Gallon of Juice: Waste water/gallon of juice
  4. Solid Waste/Million Gallons of Juice: Corresponding green house gas emissions generated by our manufacturing plants in the consumption of electricity and natural gas. The specific gases measured are: CO2 tonnes, CH4 (kg), N2O (kg) and CO2e (tonnes).

To accomplish this we will continue to make our Product Sustainability Program a top priority for the organization.

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