Research and Development


When Your Name is on the Outside…
what's on the inside is that much more important

With the help of our scientists in our Research & Development Department, Lassonde Pappas is able to provide the quality products that meet your product strategy and build consumer loyalty for Your Private Brand. Whether your product strategy is driven by innovation, matching brands, or low-price value, we have the capability to deliver the right product to fit your business needs.

New State-of-the-Art R&D Facilities at Lassonde Pappas!

Have you toured our R&D facility? We welcome the opportunity to show our partners the science and people behind our great products. Ask your Lassonde Pappas Sales Representative or contact us about setting up a tour of our facility today.


From the research side, we work diligently to continuously expand our analytical capabilities. These include:

  • Juice authenticity testing
  • Validated vitamin and mineral assays
  • Micronutrient assays (for example: total phenolics, flavonoids and natural pigments)
  • Preservatives analysis
  • Shelf life determination

We also partner with the industry-leading, third party independent food laboratories to assure our ingredients and products are wholesome and meet regulatory requirements.

Product Development

On the product development side, Lassonde Pappas brings over 75 years of combined experience in food and beverage formulation to your fingertips. We work closely with our marketing team and with the best ingredient suppliers – from family cranberry farmers to multinational juice suppliers – to meet your product development needs.

In developing products, we focus on:

  • Innovation aligned with the hottest formula, flavor and ingredient trends
  • Expertise in the latest functional ingredients
  • Our broad staple of cost effective National Brand Equivalent (NBE) products – continuously improved and updated as National Brands modify their formulations or introduce new ones

Newly acquired nutritional software and improved databases for our specifications allow us to streamline the product development process and develop products to get to your consumers faster and more efficiently.

Sensory Evaluation

To help our Food Scientists confirm that their product formulations meet the targeted taste profile, we utilize an advanced sensory panel for their superior taste palates. We trained these individuals in the complex arena of taste and flavor. As part of our sensory panel process, we objectively evaluate taste, aroma, and “feeling factors” such as spiciness. We also use more traditional “triangle tests” and consumer panels as part of our arsenal of sensory evaluation. Click here for more information on the many aspects of what constitutes flavor and how we perceive it.

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