• Nearly all of the products that Lassonde Pappas manufactures can be certified kosher.
  • All of our manufacturing facilities and most of our ingredients are certified kosher through the Orthodox Union Kosher symbol.
  • To help increase speed to market, Lassonde Pappas handles the entire process of gaining kosher certification for our customers' products.
  • Once kosher approved, the product may bear the kosher Kosher symbol symbol on the label identifying to the consumer that it is a kosher product.
  • Consumers have come to know and trust the kosher Kosher symbol symbol to represent the finest kosher products, made with quality and integrity.

Kosher symbol

For products to be kosher certified, each individual product goes through its own certification process involving an Orthodox Union rabbi who insures documentation is correct for each ingredient and the end product.

For our manufacturing facilities to be kosher certified, a rabbi is assigned to each location. It is their job to ensure we are maintaining the kosher integrity of our products including making sure kosher and non-kosher products remain segregated and un-contaminated.

Kosher symbol on product Through years of gaining consumer's trust across the world, the Orthodox Union has become a widely known kosher certifier. There are several other national certifying bodies including The Star-K and The Organized Kashrus Laboratories among others, but the Orthodox Union is the certifying body with whom Lassonde Pappas works.

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