Plants and Processing


Delivering Value at Every Step!

Lassonde Pappas manufacturing and distribution capabilities consist of five state-of-the-art facilities regionally situated to provide national and regional coverage. Our primary focus is shelf stable, hot fill beverages and cranberry sauces with select aseptic opportunities in our Baltimore, MD facility. We are also a first processor of cranberries utilizing cranberry cleaning facilities in Massachusetts and Wisconsin. Each facility provides assurance of quality and safety for our customer’s product lines and functions as an integral part of the entire Lassonde Pappas value chain of services.

1. Our Core Quality System:

Delighting our customers starts with our Core Quality System which is built from a solid base of quality attribute definition and testing protocols. These protocols are defined by our headquarter-based Technical Service Department and carried out by our expertly trained line and batching operators. From this base, we build quality assurance by demonstrating GMP controls. To monitor our quality system, we have championed Safe Quality Foods (SQF) and enlist Silliker to provide us 3rd party audits and certifications.

Quality System Programs include:

  • SQF Level II in all plants; Level III certification underway
  • Silliker
    • All five plants score a minimum "gold" level compliance
    • One plant recognized as having one of the Top 5 quality systems for all Silliker reviewed food plants.
  • OU Kosher
  • USDA
  • FDA
  • GMP
  • QAI organic certifications
  • Package Security
  • Facility Security

2. National Reach / Distribution:

  • 5 plants covering different regions of the county
  • National reach and local execution
  • Registered with FDA
  • Inventory control & traceability – RF & AS 400 systems
  • FIFO discipline at all times
  • Perfect load measurement
  • Pick & pack and full pallet shipments
  • Load security

3. Flexibility to Meet Your Private Brand Needs:

Our purchasing, technical service and blending expertise enable us to move in and out of formulas quickly - regardless of your juice, flavoring, and sweetener needs. Quick change specialization for primary, secondary and coding requirements enable our plants to run your product when it is needed and meet unforeseen surges in demand. Our packaging capabilities are extensive and allow for customized product solutions.

Production capabilities include:

  • Aluminum cans: 5.5oz, 8.4oz, 11.5oz
  • Cranberry sauce cans: 8oz, 14oz, and #10
  • Large format aseptic: 33.8 oz. & 46 oz.
  • Steel cans: 46oz
  • Wide range of hot-fill PET sizes: 10oz - 128oz
  • Display pallets
  • Tray Shrink
  • Full Shrink Sleeve Labels - single and multi-serve

4. Continuous Investment in Technology:

Our facilities employ the latest in bottling technology. From shrink sleeve labeling to display pallets, our plants are constantly modernizing and adding packaging capability to meet changing demands on the store shelf or warehouse floor. Technology is employed not just for packaging, but also to reduce our carbon and water footprint, improve product attribute testing, and eliminate waste.

Technology Capabilities include:

  • Blending
  • Pasteurization
  • Filling
  • Packing
  • Palletizing
  • Coding
  • On demand conveyors
  • Cooler temperature and energy consumption
  • Acid, PH, and vitamin C testing
  • Color monitoring
  • Label monitoring
  • Product traceability and inventory
  • Boiler economizers
  • Repair work order system

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