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New USDA Guidelines Jan. 31, 2011

Reduce Sodium Intake

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Lassonde Pappas New National Brand Equivalents (NBE) Offerings

Lassonde Pappas Unique Offerings to Stay Ahead of the Curve:


  • Full shrink sleeves – Available in 46 oz. & single serve sizes
    • Improves impression on shelf
    • Enhances bottle image for modern, brand-building imagery
    • Expands space for product/brand communication
    • Helps with formulas that have natural "settling"
    • Grow Private Brand Share
  • 46 oz. Rectangular PET bottle - same shape as our 64 oz. rectangular bottle.
    • For retailers - provides stronger line look on shelf
    • For foodservice operators – provides good fit in bar wells
  • 46 oz. Contour Bottle – Sleek and contemporary
    • An industry leading and differentiated packaging format

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