Mission and Vision



We create value by providing private brand fruit and beverage solutions for our customers through best-in-category market responsiveness and service while continually improving execution in all areas of our operation.


We will continue to develop our private brand capabilities and build relationships with customers and employees that create value over the long term. This will enable us to:

  • Maximize the success of our core business.
  • Grow by expanding into complementary private brand channels and product lines where we can add superior value.

Core Values

Our core values capture what makes Lassonde Pappas unique. They reflect the behaviors and characteristics of our work environment, dedicated to successfully servicing our customers.


We build relationships inside and outside of Lassonde Pappas. We respect each other, speak candidly and directly and are not afraid to show our personality or say what's on our mind.


We treat Lassonde Pappas' assets as our own and take responsibility for our actions. We act like owners by seeking to maximize the company's long-term success.


We're focused on finding a way to achieve our goals, especially when it means servicing our customers. We persist in the face of obstacles and we're tenacious about getting the job done.


We're passionate about mastering the details of our business and we take a hands-on approach to solving problems. We believe in continuous improvement and constantly strive to be more effective.

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